The training will take place at Casal Sant Martí at Sant Martí Sesgueioles, 95 km from Barcelona airport. About 1 hour and 15 minutes by car/taxi, but longer if taking combination of bus/train and taxi.
We encourage participants to organize rides among themselves. Later on we will provide a list of participants.

The website of the center:

Price for room and board:
Approximate price for room and board per day for individual room has been 50 € and for double occupancy is 45 €. We expect prices might go slightly up for the new training starting in 2021.
Approximate price for room and board per module: 300 €.

Price for room and board for the whole training (it might vary slightly depending on the current prices for the center La Salle each year). 2,400 €.

Please, contact Olga Montobbio for further details at:


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