A minimum of one Process Workshop with Ray, Mary, Tara or a certified process workshop facilitator. It is recommended that this be within the last 3 years.

  • Alternatively, participation in a sequence workshop with Mary and Tara will serve as a prerequisite.

If you have not taken a Womb Surround Workshop with Ray, Mary or Tara or a certified womb surround facilitator one sequencing course will make it possible for you to apply for the Foundation Training.

  • Highly recommended to have taken at least a five-day introduction to biodynamic / fluid tide craniosacral or polarity therapy or the equivalent (see website under ‘C/S’).
  • Mary and Tara do not train anyone who uses nicotine or recreational drugs. Applicants must have a commitment to themselves and the people they work with that they will be nicotine and drug free from the time of application through completion of the Foundation Training and must have the intention to abstain for the rest of their lives.
  • A commitment to abstain from alcohol the day before and during all workshops and training modules including breaks and evenings is required.
  • If anyone has any questions about these prerequisites we are open to talk with you about it.

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