About Tara BlascoTara Blasco

Tara Maria Blasco holds a Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology from Santa Barbara Graduate Institute, (specializing in prenatal and perinatal psychology) and is a registered craneosacral therapist in Spain and USA. She has worked at the Beba clinic since 2001 when she moved to live to California. At the moment she co-directs the Beba clinic with Ray Castellino, and works as a facilitator with families at both clinics, Santa Barbara and Ojai. She co-teaches the Castellino training with Mary and Ray both in Spain and California. She is a certified and experienced practitioner for the Womb Surround Process Workshops.

Tara also co-directs a US non-profit called Global Resource Alliance which is dedicated to support rural communities in Tanzania to find and implement solutions to the problems of poverty, malnutrition and diseases. She spends several weeks of the year in Africa. She presents at conferences internationally on subjects related to prenatal and birth psychology as well as topics related to sustainability and alternative health in developing countries.

She has published articles in several newsletters and has directed a movie about rural development in East Africa.

About Mary JacksonMary Jackson

Mary Jackson, LM, RN, RCST® became a home birth Midwife in 1975. She has attended over 2000 births in the Santa Barbara, Ventura, and Ojai, California areas. She has incorporated the 2 year Craniosacral training and the 2 year Castellino Prenatal and Birth Training into her midwifery practice. In the first year since incorporating these new trainings with her midwifery practice she attended 63 consecutive births at home with no transfers from home to hospital, all labors less than 14 hours except 3 and all babies nursing.

She is participating in cutting edge research about imprints that occur around the time of conception, pregnancy and birth and how they affect us throughout the rest of our lives and what it takes to heal from challenges in these experiences. She has spoken internationally at conferences, elementary, Jr. High, and High Schools, colleges, graduate programs and at hospital trainings for doctors, nurses, and midwives.

She is featured in 9 books and 5 videos on the subject of early life.
Mary currently co-facilitates the 2-year Castellino Prenatal and Birth Foundation training with Ray Castellino and Tara Blasco. She also works with Ray with families and adults through About Connections

In memory of the late Ray Castellino originator of this training that passed on Dec 13, 2020.

Ray Castellino

About Ray Castellino

Raymond Castellino, DC (retired), RPP, RPE, RCST® draws on four decades of experience as a natural health care practitioner, consultant and teacher. For the past 18 years he has focused on the resolution of prenatal, birth and other early trauma / stress through an approach using birth simulation, pre and peri-natal somatic psychology, somatic experiencing, play therapy, polarity therapy, and craniosacral therapy. Dr Castellino is co- founder and Clinical Director of BEBA, a non-profit research clinic in Santa Barbara devoted to strengthening the bonds between babies/ children and their parents and optimizing children’s physical, emotional and mental development.

He is the Director of the Castellino Prenatal and Birth Foundation Training, a two-year training program for professionals developing therapeutic skills within the Prenatal and Birth field. He offers small group womb surround process workshops for adults and private sessions for adults and families both alone and with Mary Jackson as About Connections. He also consults via phone/Skype and presents at professional conferences both nationally and internationally.

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